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Supplements are great additives to your Dog’s diet or just as a healthy boost. Joint aide, digestion, calming formula, we have a great selection for you to choose from. 
ImageSupplierBrand nameSize g/mlPrice
DAFFrozen Yoghurt - Lamb Mint & Chocolate120 ml£1.99
DAFFrozen Yoghurt - Multiberry120 ml£1.99
DAFFrozen Yoghurt - Peanut Butter & Jellly120 ml£1.99
DAFFrozen Yoghurt - Venaberry120 ml£1.99
DAFFrozen Bone Broth Paws - Chicken7 pk£4.99
DAFFrozen Bone Broth Paws - Duck7 pk£4.99
DAFFrozen Bone Broth Paws - Lamb7 pk£4.99
DougiesSpirulina powder125g£6.60
DougiesCranberry powder170g£7.99
DougiesBrewer's yeast200g£4.99
DougiesChicken Liver Powder200g£6.50
DougiesKale Powder285g£7.60
DougiesSeaweed Meal300g£5.99
DougiesChia Seeds310g£5.75
DougiesEggshell powder650g£5.95
Finer by NatureApple Cider Vinegar500£4.25
Finer by NatureBARF Booster500£13.95
Finer by NatureSalmon Oil500£10.99
FrozzysFrozzys Frozen Yoghurt Blueberry 4pk340£6.98
FrozzysFrozzys Frozen Yoghurt Cranberry 4pk340£6.98
FrozzysFrozzys Frozen Yoghurt Original 4pk340£6.98
FrozzysFrozzys Frozen Yoghurt Strawberry 4pk340£6.98
FrozzysFrozzys Frozen Yoghurt Single85£1.89
Golden Paste CoGolden Paste100£5.99
Golden Paste CoGolden Paste200£7.99
Golden Paste CoTurmer Ease Chicken Slices300£26.99
Golden Paste CoTurmeric Capsules90 capsules£12.95
Naked DogBone Broth Beef500£10.95
Naked DogBone Broth Lamb500£10.95
ProflaxBone & Joints250£13.95
ProflaxCalm & Collected250£13.95
ProflaxImmunity & Vitality250£13.95
ProflaxSkin & Coat250£13.95
ProflaxTummy Tastic350£24.95
Winston & PorterLick & Learn Meaty75£4.85
Winston & PorterLick & Learn Natural75£4.85
Winston & PorterLick & Learn Meaty125£7.85
Winston & PorterLick & Learn Natural125£7.85
Winston & PorterLick & Learn Meaty250£9.85
Winston & PorterLick & Learn Natural250£9.85

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