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Wagging Tail brings to you the very best Raw suppliers at affordable prices. We have selected the brands that best deliver on sustainability and provide quality assurance which we all expect from our Dog Food.

We also stock amazing supplements, a small section of accessories, raw Cat Food and of course Treats.
You can browse through the stock for a shopping list before you pop in store or use our delivery service. See you soon


Meat & Bone with no offal


Chunks of meat, poultry and fish


Minced meat, bone and offal

Complete recipes

80/10/10 with added superfoods

Raw Fish

A great source of Omega oils


Raw necks, knuckles, wings etc


See in store or order on-line


See in store or order on-line

Big Bags

Savings with Big Bags and Big Chubbs

Raw Cat Food

Complete Dinners for Cats

Staycation Food

Cold Pressed by WILSONS


Turmeric and herbal supplements

Raw Puppy Food

Give your puppy the best start in life