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Raw Puppy Food

It is best to start in the early weeks to give your puppies the very best start in life. If your breeding, start on weaning paste at 3-6 weeks old. Weaning paste is easy to feed and is the best supplement to mother’s milk. 
Growing puppies – From 6 weeks on, complete raw Puppy food has everything a growing puppy needs. We have a great selection and will chat through what you can expect over these important months.
Grown up puppies have a great selection of raw options, exciting treats and delicious bones.

Raw food provides the very best start in life for your best friend. A simple move from Mum’s milk to weaning paste, raw puppy food and onto adult raw is all it takes. We recommend feeding a complete 80/10/10 balanced puppy food to ensure all vital nutrients are fed at the correct levels.

Variety is the spice of life. This provides different textures, smells and tastes which keeps your puppy food excited and provides all the benefits from a cross range of ingredients.  The picture left is a great selection and can be ordered as a pack.

Email, call or just pop ‘PUPPY PACK’ in our Click n Collect page and we will get it ready for your.

 Please Order in-shop for Weaning Paste.

Recall Training

Puppy Classes are great and super for socialising. Recall is one of the best skills you can teach your dog. Teaching your new puppy to sit, walk, heel is great, but an effective recall could save him from injury or save his life.  

So, what is recall? Recall is a distinctive whistle pattern, recognised only by your dog; a long and a short blow that immediately recalls your dog from distance to your side. Its super useful while your dog is off the lead; perhaps an approaching dog, too close to the road, an anxious child or a nearby cat and potential chase, a dog trained on recall simply returns to your side for control and safety.

How do you do it? Start in early months. Before meal time, hide in the house and whistle your distinctive note, keep repeating it until the puppy finds you. They will be super inquisitive to a new sound in the house. Once found give him a high value treat like cube treats from our Pate sausages. Change hide locations and times, then you’re ready for the outdoors. Only use the Pate for Recall training, using it for other training reduces its training value. 

Only you will know when it’s the right time to relinquish the dog lead, but if you have invested in your whistle recall training, you’re in your own safe hands.

Now your out, lets talk leads. Puppies grow at a fast rate and rather than buy collar after collar, think about a Slip lead, Adjustable from Puppy to Adult and used as slip or halter. Pop in to the shop for a demonstration.



Finally, Poop! Let’s all use bio-degradable poop bags. During your dog’s life you will use a staggering number of poop bags, so let’s help out the environment and insist on Eco Bio-Degradable Poop Bags.