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Raw Minces are available in Sleeves, Blocks and Chubs. Weights range from 454g, 500g, 560g and 1kg depending on the manufacturer. Minces do not contain offal, veg or supplements.
ImageSupplierBrand nameSize g/mlPrice
Albion Country BowlStandard Beef454£1.36
Albion Country BowlStandard Beef & Chicken454£1.36
Albion Country BowlStandard Beef & Tripe454£1.38
Albion Country BowlStandard Chicken454£1.36
Albion Country BowlStandard Chicken & Tripe454£1.36
Albion Country BowlStandard Tripe454£1.55
LandywoodsChicken and Beef454£1.35
LandywoodsChicken and Fish454£1.35
LandywoodsChicken and Lamb454£1.35
LandywoodsMinced Chicken454£1.35
LandywoodsTripe & Duck454£1.35
LandywoodsTurkey with Bone454£1.35
LandywoodsBeef Offal Platter500£1.75
LandywoodsLamb Offal Platter500£1.75
MJ Pet FoodsChicken and Beef Mince560£1.65
MJ Pet FoodsChicken Mince560£1.65
MJ Pet FoodsDuck and Redcurrant560£2.10
MJ Pet FoodsChicken & Beef mince1000£2.20
MJ Pet FoodsChicken & Tripe mince1000£1.96
MJ Pet FoodsChicken mince1000£1.89
MJ Pet FoodsTurkey mince1000£2.31
NaturawMild Chicken500£2.30
NaturawOrganic Veg500£2.40
NaturawSimply Chicken500£1.65
NaturawSimply Turkey500£1.75
NutrimentWeaning Paste 3-6 weeks500£2.15

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