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Raw Minces are available in Sleeves, Blocks and Chubs. Weights range from 454g, 500g, 560g, 1kg and 1.4kg depending on the manufacturer. Single Protein or boneless, minces are anything other than 80/10/10 mixes
ImageSupplierBrand nameSize g/mlPrice
Albion Country BowlStandard Tripe454£1.90
DougiesGreen Tripe520£1.80
DougiesChicken and Beef Mince560£1.85
DougiesDuck and Redcurrant560£1.80
Finer by NatureBeef (Boneless) Complete1000£4.95
NaturawOrganic Veg500£2.65
NutrimentJust Tripe500£2.49
NutrimentBeef Boneless1400£6.39

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