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Complete Recipes

These are the ‘Best in Show’, based on the 80/10/10 mixture with vegetables, Omega 3 rich oils, antioxidants such as flaxseed oil amongst other natural supplements. Completes are available in Sleeves, Trays and Chubs. Weights range from 454g up to 1.4kg depending on the manufacturer. Our top of the range complete selection is brought to you from some of the best rated suppliers in the United Kingdom.
ImageSupplierBrand nameSize g/mlPrice
Albion Country BowlComplete Puppy Beef454£2.58
Albion Country BowlComplete Puppy Chicken454£2.36
Albion Country BowlPremium Duck454£2.52
Albion Country BowlPremium Rabbit454£2.62
Albion Country BowlPremium Salmon & Tripe454£2.12
Albion Country BowlPremium Venison & Chicken454£2.72
Benyfit NaturalChicken & Tripe500£2.80
Benyfit NaturalPerfect Puppy Chicken500£2.90
Benyfit NaturalPerfect Puppy Turkey500£2.90
Benyfit NaturalSenior Care Plus500£2.70
Benyfit NaturalSensitive500£2.70
Benyfit NaturalSucculent Beef500£2.95
Benyfit NaturalTasty Turkey500£2.70
Benyfit NaturalTender Chicken500£2.75
CotswoldBeef 80/20 Complete mince500£2.95
CotswoldBeef Sausage 80/20 Complete mince500£3.95
CotswoldChicken 80/20 Complete mince500£2.45
CotswoldChicken Sausage 80/20 Complete mince500£3.25
CotswoldLamb 80/20 Complete mince500£3.45
CotswoldLamb Sausage 80/20 Complete mince500£3.95
CotswoldWild Boar & Duck 80/20 Complete mince500£3.95
CotswoldWild Pheasant & Duck 80/20 Complete mince500£3.95
CotswoldWild Rabbit & Venison 80/20 Complete mince500£3.95
CotswoldBeef & Tripe 80/20 Complete mince1000£5.45
CotswoldBeef 80/20 Complete mince1000£5.45
CotswoldChicken 80/20 Complete mince1000£4.45
CotswoldLamb 80/20 Complete mince1000£5.95
CotswoldPuppy Chicken 80/20 Complete mince1000£4.45
CotswoldTurkey 80/20 Complete mince1000£4.45
DAFDuck and Tripe dinner w Fruit & veg500£2.09
DAFLamb and Chicken dinner w Fruit and Veg500£2.09
DougiesChicken and Veg560£2.30
Finer by Nature3 Bird & Fruit1000£3.95
Finer by NatureBeef Papaya & Coconut1000£4.95
Finer by NatureChicken & Apricot/Mango1000£2.95
Finer by NatureChicken Complete1000£3.45
Finer by NatureDuck Complete1000£3.95
Finer by NatureDuck & Pumpkin1000£3.95
Finer by NatureLamb Complete1000£6.95
Finer by NatureTurkey & Blueberry1000£3.95
Finer by NatureTurkey Complete1000£3.95
Jack WolfBeef500£2.20
Jack WolfChicken500£2.20
Jack WolfDuck500£2.20
Jack WolfOriginal500£2.20
Jack WolfTurkey500£2.20
Naked DogActive Beef2 x 500£5.59
Naked DogActive Duck2 x 500£5.45
Naked DogActive Goose2 x 500£5.45
Naked DogChicken2 x 500£4.55
Naked DogLamb2 x 500£5.85
Naked DogSuperfoods Beef2 x 500£5.65
Naked DogSuperfoods Game2 x 500£5.75
Naked DogSuperfoods Turkey2 x 500£5.35
Nurture them NaturallyBeef500£4.45
Nurture them NaturallyBubble & Squeak500£2.91
Nurture them NaturallyChicken500£1.95
Nurture them NaturallyChicken & Kangaroo500£3.95
Nurture them NaturallyChicken & Pork500£2.12
Nurture them NaturallyPuppy Complete500£2.40
Nurture them NaturallyChicken1000£3.85
Nurture them NaturallyChicken & Beef1000£4.84
Nurture them NaturallyLamb Chunks1000£6.16
NutrimentChicken Dinner200£1.60
NutrimentLamb dinner200£1.90
NutrimentTurkey Dinner200£1.60
NutrimentVenison Dinner200£3.10
NutrimentBoneless Beef500£2.69
NutrimentChicken and Lamb500£3.20
NutrimentLight support500£3.19
NutrimentLow Purine & Phosphorus support500£2.90
NutrimentPuppy Formula500£2.70
NutrimentSalmon with Chicken500£2.50
NutrimentSalmon with Turkey500£2.60
NutrimentVenison with Chicken500£3.65
NutrimentLow Purine & Phosphorus support1400£6.89
NutrimentPuppy Formula1400£6.39
NutrimentSalmon with Turkey1400£6.09
Paleo RidgePlus Range Lamb & Mint500£3.79
Paleo RidgePlus Range Pork & Apple500£4.29
Paleo RidgePlus Range Special Diet500£3.89
Paleo RidgePlus Range Surf & Turf500£3.99
Paleo RidgePlus Range Totally Duck500£3.99
Paleo RidgePlus Range Turkey & Fish500£3.69
WilsonsPremium Beef Hotpot500£3.39
WilsonsPremium Chicken casserole500£2.89
WilsonsPremium Lamb Tagine500£3.79
WilsonsPremium Salmon Medley500£3.29
WilsonsPremium Steak and Kidney500£3.59
WilsonsPremium Turkey Dinner500£3.19

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