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Our Bulk Buy items save you £s. Exactly the same top quality products, just in simple packaging and bulk options.
ImageSupplierBrand nameSize g/mlPrice
DAFChicken and Tripe2200£4.75
DAFLamb mince2200£5.25
MJ Pet FoodsChicken & Beef mince1000£2.20
MJ Pet FoodsChicken & Tripe mince1000£1.96
MJ Pet FoodsChicken mince1000£1.89
MJ Pet FoodsTurkey mince1000£2.31
MJ Pet FoodsChicken 80/10/101000£2.25
MJ Pet FoodsTurkey 80/10/101000£2.95
NutrimentBeef Boneless1400£5.40
NutrimentChicken and Lamb1400£6.25
NutrimentPuppy Formula1400£5.15
NutrimentSalmon (& Chicken)1400£5.75
TreatsHairy Rabbit Ears Bulk Pk500£14.99
TreatsNatural Dried Tripe Treats Bulk Pk1000£18.99
TreatsPork Rolls Bulk Pk2000£18.99
TreatsFlat Gullet Bulk Pk1000£22.99
TreatsNatural Beef Skin Strips Bulk Pk1000£19.99

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