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Bones & Offal

Bones are a great source of protein but also high activity foods. Wings and necks are super for cleaning those rear molars and massaging gums. Shank and knuckles are tough but will last for hours. 
ImageSupplierBrand nameSize g/mlPrice
DAFOffal Mix454£1.19
DAFChicken Wings1000£2.75
DAFDuck Necks1000£2.99
DAFDuck Wings1000£2.85
DAFLamb Ribs1000£4.15
DAFBeef shanks 4 inch4pc£3.80
DougiesChicken Feet1000£2.95
DougiesChicken Necks1000£2.95
DougiesDuck Feet1000£2.95
DougiesDuck Necks1000£3.30
DougiesDuck Wings1000£3.00
NutrimentJust Offal500£2.29
NutrimentChicken Necks1000£2.30
NutrimentDuck Necks1000£2.45
Wagging Tail TBeef shankea£1.00

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