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80/10/10 Diets

Our 80/10/10 selections are available in Sleeves, Trays, Blocks and Chubs. Weights range from 454g, 500g and 560g upwards to 2.2kg depending on the manufacturer. The 80/10/10 or 75/15/10 mix is the BARF standard, it means 80% Meat, 10% Bone and 10% Offal. The 80/10/10 is the mainstay of the species appropriate diet which truly reflects what our canine partners are born to eat.
ImageSupplierBrand nameSize g/mlPrice          
Benyfit NaturalDuck Meat Feast500£2.90
Benyfit NaturalGoose Meat Feast500£3.55
Benyfit NaturalRABBIT Meat Feast500£4.35
DAFBeef & Heart454£1.35
DAFChicken and Apple454£1.35
DAFChicken and Liver454£1.35
DAFChicken and Oily Fish454£1.35
DAFMeaty Mince454£1.35
DAFTurkey and tripe454£1.35
DAFBeef Dinner500£2.09
DAFChicken and Lamb Dinner500£2.09
DAFChicken and Salmon Dinner500£2.09
DAFChicken and Tripe Dinner500£2.09
DAFChicken dinner500£2.09
DAFGame and Tripe500£2.09
DAFLamb dinner500£2.09
DAFTurkey dinner500£2.09
DAFChicken and Tripe1500£3.85
DAFDuck & Salmon1500£4.45
DAFTurkey and tripe1500£3.95
DougiesBeef 80/10/10560£2.50
DougiesChicken 80/10/10560£2.40
DougiesChicken & Pork560£2.50
DougiesChicken & Salmon 80/10/10560£2.50
DougiesLamb 80/10/10560£2.50
DougiesTurkey & Oily Fish 80/10/10560£2.50
DougiesTurkey 80/10/10560£2.50
DougiesVenison 80/10/10560£4.80
Finer by NatureBeef 80/10/101000£5.45
Finer by NatureCock & Bull 80/10/101000£4.35
Jack WolfPrimal Instinct Duck500£2.69
Jack WolfPrimal Instinct Turkey500£2.69
NaturawAll Chicken500£2.99
NaturawAll Lamb500£3.80
NaturawBeef and Chicken500£2.55
NaturawChicken and Lamb500£2.99
NaturawDuck and Beef500£2.55
NaturawFish and Chicken500£3.15
NaturawLamb and Duck500£3.80
NaturawSurf and Turf500£2.55
NaturawTripe and heart500£2.35
NaturawTurkey and beef500£2.55
Nurture them NaturallyChicken & Beef w Offal500£2.80
NutrimentWeaning Paste 3-6 weeks500£2.69
Paleo RidgeBeef Heart, Tripe and Chicken1000£4.99
Paleo RidgeLamb Tripe and Chicken1000£4.29
Paleo RidgeLamb Tripe and Duck1000£4.29
Paleo RidgeLamb Tripe and Turkey1000£4.29
Paleo RidgeVenison, Beef Tripe and Duck1000£5.49

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