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Wagging Tail Raw Dog Food - Northallerton

Dog Friendly

Lots of Parking, walk a Dog, grab your treats, pick up your RAW .

Our Shop

Wagging Tail has 20 freezers and great displays filled with delicious frozen dog food and Treats. Whether you prefer Tubs, Chubs or Bags; Treats or just meats, visit us for a browse around our spacious shop.

Disabled Customer Friendly

Our shop has wide door access and a disabled toilet. Our staff are more than happy to assist in loading supplies into your vehicle. Please contact the shop for more information.

Opening Times

Monday               11am – 5pm
Tuesday               CLOSED for Deliveries
Wednesday        10am – 5pm
Thursday             11am  –  7pm (late night opening)
Friday                    11am  –  5pm
Saturday              11am – 3pm
Sunday                   CLOSED

Our suppliers are the best in the country, brought to you at affordable prices

At Wagging Tail, we constantly search for the best. Our suppliers are shortlisted against quality, local producers where possible, environmentally friendly packaging and value for money. Maintaining our relationships with the Pet Trade industry ensures we remain committed to providing you (and our dogs) the best, at affordable prices.

Your best friend’s health matters to us.

The food revolution doesn’t just stop at humans, and raw dog food is just as important. Join hundreds of dog owners to make the natural healthy choice for their pets.

Here at Wagging Tail we want to give dog owners the opportunity to provide a natural healthy living which their pet deserves. We want our best friends to live a long life, have a lean body mass, smaller stools with healthy skin and great coats. We want our pets to have the best oral hygiene they can with strong bones, from puppies to adults.

Natural Feeding Leads to a Better Coat

Coat condition is one of the top benefits of a raw diet, but beneath that amazing coat is an amazing skin all made up of proteins digested from a healthy raw diet.

Better dental Hygiene

Great dental activity results in great gums and teeth, get those nashers working as they were intended to be used.

Smaller poo & Less smells !

Raw is highly digestible, your dog absorbs this natural food and so less waste is produced. Better for the digestion it prolongs your dog’s well being. You will virtually eradicate your dogs flatulence.​

Less Ailments and better behaviour

A healthy diet results in improved health. Improved health can reduce chewing and digging. Raw diets are additive free, resulting in a better behaved best friend.

Strong Immune System

Animal species appropriate diet helps the immune system to be in tip top condition for that one day it may be needed. Lets get your dog the healthiest he can be, and so live a long, healthy life.

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